Reporting needs

Advanced Reporting and Dashboards

Powerful reports made easy!
In today's digital environment, there is a vast amount of data we're looking after every day in our organizations.

There is little point in storing data if we cannot analyze or display it in a simple to understand form. RevZone Reporting does exactly that! 

It can create an unlimited amount of reports for individual data cards as well as consolidated across entire sets of objects, records and modules.

RevZone printouts are exactly like your own forms

RevZone report printouts can be configured to be exactly like your current forms! 

Consolidated reports can be tabular formats, with or without charts (anything that can be produced by modern spreadsheets), grouping, filters and parameters. The simplicity of creating these reports in minutes must be seen to be believed!

These do not require high level expertise, you can do them yourself in your own organization!

Desktop or Web tools, you choose

Whether you want to design your reports using our desktop user interface or do it from the web, you choose. Whichever tool you use, reports are available from any environment to end users.

Exports to PDF, Excel, HTML, etc are a single click away. Automatic report creation alongside any processes, cases, projects or other record types is simple to configure and very powerful!

Engage external 3rd parties with these reports at any stage of your processes.
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