Project Management

Manage all your projects with ease. Try the RevZone difference!
RevZone has advanced project management capabilities to easily adapt to your organisation style. Each project and even each stage has configurable attributes, properties, WBS, numbering schemes, custom file structures, data sources and every single field has configurable dynamic access rights.

Searching ability in any aspect of projects information and files is one of the most powerful and easy to use features in RevZone. Stage-Gate management is core to RevZone Project Management.
Projects can have pre-configured templates with stages by an administrator or can have individually configured stages. They can have either an independent 'Related Files' structure or configurations of items from 'Document Management' module which is integrated seamlessly together with this module. This is also integrated with RevZone Contact Management module.
Over 80% of all projects go over budget and are delivered late. The traditional project management paradigm where one project manager sets the project up and chases everything and everyone for information, is simply no good! 
RevZone configures rules and options to update individual tasks and project stages from various users or groups. This is due to its underlying structure of data, users and processes which it manages. The update of information for various tasks is done at grass-roots level based on the lifecycle of documents, processes, user activity and other metrics. In RevZone, a project is always Live with activity by all concerned, not just the project manager.

RevZone integrates with other business systems such as financial ones and Microsoft Office applications (MS Project, Outlook, Word, Excel, etc) in order to import/export information.
Overall visibility or even individual stages within it can have different access rights, limited to specific users or groups. 

Log in the system and get a real-time update of projects and activities in a client's meeting half way around the globe with a few clicks or swipes!

Flexible classification structures

RevZone has a simple to configure classification structure, rich with access controls and functionality. Monitor projects and actual costs with ease.

Time & Costs Management

RevZone has time management tools in order to simplify work assignment and charge codes to specific projects/segments. This information can be exported to Excel or other financial systems.


Create different scope of supply BOMs with Live data. Add traceability codes, attach supplier information, notifications, find out all "Where Used" and status of every single task, document and user.

Project Calendar and Planning

Each Project has its own calendar and MS Project inspired Gantt Chart editor. Resources are allocated and clashes are avoided across multiple cases. Tasks are simple to create and essential to get timely reminders via email or desktop popups.

Portfolio Project Management

Manage your Projects like a Pro! Drag and drop, re-assign and re-evaluate resources in a few clicks...

Powerful Reporting tools

Simple wizards are used to build powerful reports, quickly. These can be saved and used at any stage with a single click.

Integrated and well connected

RevZone Project management is tightly integrated with all RevZone modules. It is not an isolated PM tool, but draws data, documents and resources from everywhere.

Work Breakdown Structure

Build Work Breakdown Structures, assign charge codes, user rights, tasks, resources, deliverables, BOMs, emails, any records & documents.

Create any custom objects like Risk Management, Project Issues, Preferred Vendors, Scope Change Requests, etc.

Automated Processes

Processes and workflows are the arteries of the entire system. Imagine the ability to run an entire sub-project or case / event management workflow inside a single stage of a project. One common example is running the sales or enquiry pipeline to generate a quotation as the first stage of the project.

Imagine feeding all results and data back to the parent project. Huge number of possibilities when you see the reports possible form this data.

Simple and seamlessly integrated workflows throughout!

External Access

Clients or other third parties can have access to real-time, pre-formated templates of their project. Ideal to automatically update all interested parties.

Quotes and Enquiries  

RevZone pulls information from previous quotations and enquiries (which are also managed in RevZone). Generate client specification sheets automatically with client collected information. Engage different departments at the right time. RevZone removes duplication and multiple entries in Project Management, leverages information from activities in all other modules to save time, money and minimize human errors.

Timesheets & Tasks

Timesheets are very simple to complete for users, and vital for the business. No need to do double-entry or employ additional personnel to deal with these.

Users can book hours to their assigned projects or stages within them. Reports are automatically generated based on a single employee, or groups of employees, single or multiple projects, stages, etc.

Approval processes for timesheets are very simple and completely flexible to match your organization's requirements. Whether you use RevZone Desktop or webforms, it is the same super-simple interface.

Project managers allocate hours, timesheets get completed, approved and reports are generated in real-time on users, projects and costs. Exports to ERP/Financial systems save money and minimize manual errors.

And a lot more tools...

  • Manage resources, tasks and deadlines
  • RevZone manages project Stages. It can assign users and deadlines to every single stage.
  • Work inside MS Office. Work directly from Microsoft Word, or Excel, Outlook etc. This minimizes staff training and overheads.
  • Capacity Planning
  • Work from anywhere. Work securely from home or anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Simple & powerful searching. Searching in RevZone is one of the easiest and most powerful features. Users can perform simple or advanced searches, save filters and shortcuts on their dashboard.
  • Integrated with other business systems,
  • Concurrent work. RevZone allows many users to work in the same case without overwritting each-other's work.
  • Historical notes. Add notes at different stages in a project and from different users. Track these back chronologically.
  • Revision Control. RevZone manages automatically all versions of documents. This makes it is straight forward to review changes between them or revert to a previous version (using automatic features such as Microsoft Word document comparison tools).
  • Emails and related files. Emails are imported from Microsoft Outlook (or other formats) and stored in RevZone including their attachements. Any related files can be attached to a structure inside a case interface in RevZone.
  • High security. Information is encrypted in RevZone (data or files). RevZone also has multiple level security system to manage users, groups, roles and object states.
  • Templates library. Automatically generate letters from case information using your own forms and styles (mailmerge).
  • Import / export. RevZone utilises simple drag & drop techniques to import files from any sources. It is also easily configured to import / export data from/to a variety of standard or custom formats.
  • Backup & recovery. RevZone has a variety of tools for automatic backups in the same site or across multi-sites.
  • Configured specifically for your organization. RevZone has the ability to create attributes and group information throughout its project configuration stages, specifically for your organization in order to minimize training and lower setup and running costs.
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