Managing company assets. Your assets have a high impact in your organisation's performance and being able to achieve its objectives. RevZone provides a complete central repository of your organisation's assets (from office stationary to industrial machinery, hospital equipment or military weapons) with configurable metadata and related files.

It has mechanisms in place to assign roles and responsibilities to individuals. It sends reminders to users and manages follow-ups. It highlights maintenance schedules and overdue service requirements. Keeps historical records of maintenance, tests, inspections and certifications. It produces individual (unlimited) reports or consolidated ones across all assets.

Non conformances

Manage your workload, smarter.
Managing non-conformances and corrective / preventive actions is vital for an organization's quality assurance and continuous improvement plan.

Corrective / Preventive management module in RevZone enables organizations to capture, monitor and maintain accurate non-conformance records. These are auditable by internal or external bodies.

RevZone manages all non- conformances specifically tailored to your organization and enables comprehensive preventive planning.


Managing company resources.
RevZone provides a central repository for all employees in your organisation.

This is a powerful module to record historical training & qualifications for individuals and plan for current and future staff development needs. It has scheduling and reminder tools, follow-up procedures in order to manage the level of competency. It has flexible processes and structures, high security permissions, payroll and more...


Manage all your audit needs
RevZone manages the complete audit lifecycle from scheduling, planning and conducting, to reporting and following up actions through to conclusion. This module is seamlessly integrated with other modules in RevZone such as records & documents, resources, assets and supply chain management.  

Reporting & Analysis

Powerful reporting made easy.
RevZone provides a variety of reporting and analysis tools. The user-friendly wizzards and simple interfaces create powerful reports throughout RevZone. Reports and analysis tools are frequently used to better understand an organization's performance and customer behavior. 

Regulatory Compliance

A necessity in the 21st century for many organizations, RevZone is an ideal solution for your organization to comply with ever increasing Regulatory Compliance needs, while keeping costs to a minimum.
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