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Manage all your company documents and records


There are many advantages to converting paper documents to digital content. This topic has been discussed for decades and the benefits that come from digital creation, usage, sharing and disaster recovery of digital media, to name a few, are widely accepted.

Limitations of 'file manager' applications.

There are too many limitations when using manual file management techniques such as Windows Explorer or other similar tools. It is very difficult and in many cases impossible to manage records and files this way.

Essentially, these systems are unsuitable to manage company wide documentation, dramatically increase management costs and risks to the organization. If you have questions and would like to know more, click here for a list of 20 issues when managing files with Windows Explorer or other file managers.

Quick points...

    • Mission critical data
    • Very high security
    • BOM management
    • Simple and powerful searching
    • Automatic revision control
    • Integration with other systems
    • Multi-site collaboration, work from anywhere
    • Import/Export
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Web-forms
    • Analysis & audit trail
    • Tailored to your organization
    • Backup and disaster recovery
    • Highly configurable classifications
    • More...

    How does RevZone do it?

    RevZone manages any record and document type. It is highly customizable to create fields and properties, any structures or groupings. Documents can be imported in RevZone from any sources, scanned paper or digital in single items or huge volumes.

    Work from anywhere and collaborate with clients and vendors while maintaining revision control under very high security. For a more comprehensive list of features, continue reading.

    Work directly from Microsoft Office applications (Word Excel, Outlook, Power Point, etc) and other business systems (CAD, ERP, etc) with native RevZone connectors.

    Send to processes for approval, change or any other in-house processes that can be easily setup in RevZone.


    Manage Mission Critical Data

    RevZone manages mission-critical data, documents and processes for private and public sectors that have no margin for error.

    Our products have been implemented and tested with large volumes of data & transactions, large number of users and have always delivered high security, high availability and productivity for customers while constantly improving processes and lowering management costs.

    High Security

    RevZone employs a multi-level, very high security architecture. It uses a combination of the most powerful encryptions available in the world today. It is a very flexible system where many types of fields can be created with varying degrees of static and dynamic access rights. Sensitive information is encrypted inside the database. Furthermore all its files repository is encrypted. Certificates & digital signatures are integrated in the system.

    High security is not achieved by encryption alone, but its internal configuration options. Simple to setup and follow from system Administrators. RevZone options are based in Users, Groups, Roles, Sections, Objects & Sub-Objects, Individual fields & individual records, operations, dynamic lifecycle states and many more specific access control settings as well as secure certificates, two factor authentication and active directory integrations.

    RevZone has a powerful audit trail system to record system & user activity, including administrators. All these features as well as other measures make RevZone one of the most secure systems in the world today!

    Configuration Management
    RevZone has advanced configuration management capabilities.

    Configuration Management is simple to manage in RevZone. Whether you use built-in configurations ("Sales", "As Designed", "As Built", etc) or add your own, RevZone manages them effortlessly.
    Run filters on any columns, track validity dates and perform comparisons between revisions or even different items. Use unique serial numbers for traceability and much more.

    Powerful searching and filtering

    Users can perform simple or advanced searches easily. They enter any criteria or a combination in any aspect of their data for an instant response. Searches, shortcuts & filters can be saved and used throughout RevZone modules. They are some of the most innovative to-date.

    Custom processes

    Integration With MS Office

    RevZone is integrated inside popular packages such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and more. Associate emails directly from Microsoft Outlook into a Case or document/record/contact in RevZone.

    RevZone is integrated with 2D & 3D CAD software and other major ERP/MRP systems.

    Automatic Version Control

    RevZone automatically preserves previous revisions. These versions cannot be altered and are kept in RevZone for as long as the organisation requires. RevZone is easily configured to record every single minor or major change and conform to the strictest regulations.

    Reporting, Analysis and Audit Trail

    Users can create personal or public reports in RevZone. For instance, reporting on how many documents of a particular type, in a particular project or by specific users are created, checked, printed, approved or sent to any processes, etc. Reports can be created on any aspects of your data and become important tools for statistical analysis to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) or other aspects of your organisation. Data can be exported to multiple formats for use with external analysis tools.

    RevZone can be configured to record all operations from its users and administrators. These can be login/logout sessions, accessing records, editing data, copying/editing/deleting files, modifying processes, changing user rights, receiving notifications, and much more.

    Work from anywhere

    RevZone is designed to work securely and is optimised for high speed data transfer whether it is used in local networks or via the internet. Local chache servers can be configured and synchronised for organisations with large file access needs in order to work locally regardless of where their global sites are situated.

    Import volumes of existing files and data

    Existing documents and data are vital for an organization. RevZone simplifies data import dramatically. Within a short period of time hundreds of thousands or millions of records and files (with all their relationships and metadata) can be imported, through simple drag & drop operations, advanced batch processes or files (delimited text files, spreadsheets, databases, etc) or dedicated scripts for your business. The import does not stop with legacy data only, RevZone can be configured to import unattended (in real-time) documents from scanners, fax machines, emails and much more.

    Configured Specifically For Your Organization

    Users can perform simple or advanced searches easily. They enter any criteria or a combination in any aspect of their data for an instant response. Searches, shortcuts & filters can be saved and used throughout RevZone modules. They are very innovative and easy to use.

    Backup And Disaster Recovery

    RevZone documents are ideal for onsite and offsite backup devices. RevZone "on schedule" and "on demand" has sync tools and due to the nature of multisiting, data & documents are much safer from fire or other natural disasters than traditional storage systems in organisations. In tandem with a high end security model (see Security Section above), it makes RevZone one of the safest and most robust packages available for your organisation.

    Configurable, Dynamic Classification Structures

    RevZone is a highly configurable product, in order to represent attributes, forms/templates, processes, import existing data, and much more of your organization. It fits the way you like to work, and not the other way around. It displays data in one of the most innovative graphical user interfaces to-date.


    How many people does your company employ?
    Primarily office staff, however, other departments such as the shop floor may need to access the system.

    Do you use CAD systems?

    For example, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, etc.

    Do you use ERP systems?

    For example, SAGE, SAP, Oracle, etc. Do you want integration with RevZone?

    On-site or hosted solution?

    RevZone can be setup on-site or hosted by us (or any data centers you prefer).
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