Documents & Records
Simple, powerful, connected
RevZone manages any record and document types. It is one of the most highly customisable solutions in the market today.

Documents can be imported in the system from any sources, scanned paper or digitally produced as single items or large batch volumes. It is seamlessly integrated with other business systems. Users can work from anywhere and collaborate while maintaining revision control under very high security.
Powerful project management tools.
RevZone has a configurable classification structure and central repository of projects to easily adapt to your organisation style.

Each project has configurable attributes, properties, data sources and every single field has configurable dynamic access rights. Flexible WBS structures, timesheets, EVN and more...
Advanced Reporting & Dashboards

Business Intelligence with advanced reporting and dashboards, tailored to your individual company needs, with high security and a beautiful user interface.

An organization is the sum of its processes.

Processes are critical to any organization's success. Leading experts argue that any organization is the sum of its processes. They are strategic assets, information conduits both inside and outside an organisation linking data & people and driving events.

RevZone has a highly configurable classification structure and central repository of multiple contact types to easily adapt to your organisation structure.

It manages internal users, the public, students, patients, clients or vendors with ease. Individual types have different attributes and sections which can be custom for your organization.
Human Resources

RevZone manages the entire cycle from recruitment and throughout the career progression of employees. 
Manage your workload.
Manage effortlessly users' workload through dashboards, tasks, shortcuts, process inboxes and more.

RevZone has a lot of elegant and simple to use tools to get users organized.
  • Asset Management
  • Non Conformances
  • Resource Management
  • Audit Management
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance
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