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RevZone for Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction

In a hypercompetitive world, product designers, architects, manufacturers, project managers, and corporate businesses, from SMEs to global corporations, need to command a universe of powerful, secure and cost-efficient design and information tools.
To compete in multiple fronts, to satisfy and safeguard their client bases, to maintain their independence, and grow in market value and scale, they need reliable access to comprehensive design and information resources, guaranteed standards' compliance, uniform reporting and system sets. They need next-generation advanced tools such as enterprise-wide real-time working, on the ground and in the Cloud.

Internally, they need low-drag business processes built around workflows, to enable seamless collaboration and accelerate speed to market. And anywhere and everywhere they operate they need analysis and reporting that works around existing processes.

RevZone helps organizations

improve efficiency and quality, on-time delivery, and profitability by enabling staff to better manage the exponentially growing amount of digital information that flows in and out of the organization.


  • Record & Document Management
  • Advanced BOM Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Scheduling
  • Project management
  • Process Management
  • Asset Management
  • Remote access
  • Very high security
  • Simple and powerful searching
  • Integration with other systems
  • Import/Export
  • Reporting,
  • analysis & audit trail
  • Configured for your organization
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Highly configurable classifications
  • More...

Quick points...

Manage all Records & Documents

Engineering organizations have a large amount of records and documents and a large user base that need constant access to the system. RevZone manages mission-critical records, documents and processes with no margin for error. Our record & document management modules have been implemented and tested with large volumes of data & transactions, large number of users and have delivered high security, high availability and productivity while constantly improving processes and lowering management costs.

Work inside Microsoft Office applications. Delightfully easy to use.
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Advanced BOM management

RevZone has advanced BOM management capabilities. Whether you use built-in configurations ("Sales", "As Designed", "As Built", etc) or add your own, RevZone manages them effortlessly. RevZone brings BOMs automatically from 3D CAD systems or allows them to be mixed with with any documents or records in the system.

Run filters on any columns, track validity dates and perform comparisons between revisions or even different records. Use unique serial numbers for traceability, use any custom columns and much more.

Manage all Relationships

RevZone is a highly configurable system. It maintains a single central record for client accounts, legal subjects, vendors and contractors attaching complete history of cases, documents, historical transactions, fees, notes, and more. It can be configured to co-exist with existing business systems.

RevZone maintains complete auditing, reporting and analysis of vendors, any raised issues, documents and cases associated with them.

Integration with CAD and ERP systems

RevZone is integrated inside popular packages such as MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and more. Associate emails directly from Outlook into a project or record in RevZone.

RevZone is integrated with major 2D & 3D CAD systems such as SOLIDWORKS. It is also integrated with ERP/MRP systems and its structure is highly flexible to connect to most financial, HR, payroll, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics or other systems.
Integration with SOLIDWORKS and PDM
Learn about SOLIDWORKS integration

Project Management

RevZone has advanced project management capabilities. It has a simple to use and highly configurable classification structure and central repository of projects to easily adapt to your organisation structure.

Each project has configurable attributes, properties, numbering schemes, data sources and every single field has configurable dynamic access rights. Searching ability in any aspect of projects information and files is one of the most powerful and easy to use features in RevZone.

Configure a flexible WBS structure, manage actual costs with timesheets and charge codes, baseline, planned versus actual, EVN and more.

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Business Process Management

Create powerful custom workflows that connect users across departments, involve external bodies and organizations. Maintain fully searchable historical trail of decision making process, approvals, document changes, record creations, cases, projects and more.

Backup and disaster recovery

RevZone documents are ideal for onsite and offsite backup devices. RevZone "on schedule" and "on demand" has sync tools and due to the nature of multisiting, data & documents are much safer from fire or other natural disasters than traditional storage systems in organisations.

Backup and disaster recovery in tandem with a very high end security model (see Security Section above), makes RevZone one of the safest and most robust solutions available for your organizations.

Advanced Reporting, Analysis and Security

These tools are essential and consistent throughout RevZone. Create reports in Record & Document Management module, Cases, Processes, relationship & quality management modules and more. Shortcuts can be created on an intelligent dashboard to quickly produce real-time results.

Reports can be created on any aspects of your organization's data and become important tools for statistical analysis to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) or other aspects. Data can be exported to multiple formats for further use with external analysis tools.

Work from anywhere, the cloud or hosted locally

RevZone is designed to work securely and is optimised for high speed data transfer whether it is used in local networks or via the internet. Local chache servers can be configured and synchronised for organisations with large file access needs in order to work locally regardless of where their global sites are situated.

Powerful searching

Users can perform simple or advanced searches easily. They enter any criteria or a combination in any aspect of their data for an instant response. Searches, shortcuts & filters can be saved and used throughout RevZone modules. They are some of the most innovative to-date.


RevZone has simple to use and feature rich schedule management utilities.It optimises resource utilisation and avoids clashes. All interested parties, draw data from a central location.

Made for you

RevZone is a highly configurable product, in order to present/organize attributes, forms, templates, processes, or import existing data, and much more, exactly how you like it in your organization. It fits the way you like to work, and not the other way around. It displays data in one of the most innovative graphical user interfaces to-date.

High Security

RevZone uses a combination of the most powerful encryptions available today. Certificates & Digital Signatures are also integrated in RevZone.

High security is not achieved by encryption alone, but its internal configuration options. RevZone options are based in Users, Groups, Roles, Sections, Objects & Sub-Objects, Individual fields & individual records, operations, lifecycle states of records & documents and many more specific access control settings. RevZone dynamic settings allow visibility or other permissions to items based on lifecycle states. A simple example of this is a purchasing department which can only see records that are approved and released.

RevZone has a powerful audit trail system to record system & user activity.

Audit Trail

RevZone can be configured to record all operations from its users and administrators. These can be login/logout sessions, accessing records, editing data, copying/editing/deleting files, modifying processes, changing user rights, receiving notifications, and much more.

Highly configurable classification structures

RevZone has many options to configure hierarchical folders, sections and structures which are ideal to organise information. These structures can have a very high degree of dynamic and static access rights, based on roles and lifecycle status of records, documents, processes, projects, cases and other objects.

It has the ability to keep a single record private inside the same folder between different users or groups or even single fields within the same record. It is a hugely flexible solution in order to allow the right people to access the right information at the right time. Ideally positioned for many organizations.

Asset Management

Organizations have vast inventories of assets and consumable items. As part of the Quality Management module, RevZone manages assets of an organisation from chairs, tables and office computers to vehicles, weapon systems & military equipment with complex requirements.

Each asset has its own record, associated documentation (manuals, warranties, etc), responsible users, tasks, maintenance schedules, and more. Barcodes are integrated for hand-held scanning devices and portable smart devices.

Import / Export

Existing documents and records are vital for any organization. RevZone simplifies data import dramatically whether from electronic or scanned paper sources.

Within a short period of time vast amounts of records and files (with all their relationships and metadata) can be imported, through simple drag & drop operations, wizards, batch operations (delimited text files, spreadsheets, databases, etc) or even dedicated scripts for your organization.

RevZone can be configured to import unattended (in real-time) documents from scanners, fax machines, emails and much more. Tens and hundreds of thousands of documents can be scanned into the system in a single day utilizing standard commercially of the shelf (COTS) high speed scanners.

Reports are permission based throughout RevZone.

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