SolidWorks Integration

RevZone Integration with SOLIDWORKS

End-to-end engineering management, made simple!

RevZone Solutions is a Certified Solution Partner for SOLIDWORKS since 2003.

Amazing integration with SOLIDWORKS

RevZone is integrated inside SOLIDWORKS as panes, menus and toolbars. Saving items in RevZone directly from this environment is beautifully simple. Bill Of Materials and Where Used relationships are built up automatically.

Taking care of specific configurations is easy too. Reusing existing data, making copies, working with other users at the same time in assemblies and much more, is built right in this integration.

RevZone Explorer interface

The interface is simple, modern and consistent throughout! User training is less than half a day.

RevZone modules are so seamlessly integrated together that it seems like you never leave the same environment, wherever you are in RevZone.

While beautifully integrated inside SOLIDWORKS, this independent interface is essential for taking care of any other document types, processes, cases, projects, contacts, tasks, timesheets, dashboards, reports and more.

BOMs - simple, powerful, unlimited

Bill Of Materials in RevZone are automated and have plenty of manual controls. 

Additionally to SOLIDWORKS driven data, any other items or documents can be added to BOM's. This eliminates the need to model "blank" geometry in SOLIDWORKS.

Get data from ERP/MRP in real time and display inside RevZone BOMs. Get real-time costs, evaluate your design costs with a single click of the mouse.

Create any number of BOMs, (suchas as "As Built", "Tooling", etc), use BOM compare tools and much more.

Searching, so easy!

Simple search, just like a browser will find most things in RevZone, but if you want all the power of advanced searches and filters, they are all there. Very simple to use!

Make shortcuts to your favorite items to get there quickly! Assign tasks to them and access from inside SOLIDWORKS.

How about a search through everything! Find anything in documents, records, projects, processes, reports.... anywhere in RevZone. Again, from one simple text box entry.

Amazing processes, just like your own!

Configure your own processes with RevZone in minutes!

All your process needs - Engineering Changes, Approvals, Secure Transmittals, Non Conformances, Concessions, ERP/MRP process integrations, are covered!

Guess what, any other processes you can think of, are also simple to configure! RevZone has state-of-the-art, simple to use graphical tools to create advanced processes! Swim-lane diagrams and very easy to understand flows, just like the ones that naturally come to mind when you think of a process!

Involve your vendors or clients in your processes. It is that easy!

Import all your existing data, easily!

RevZone wizards will guide you to import large volumes of documents.

Scan entire folders, match up files with any registers (excel spreadsheets or any databases). Bring them all in, and in record time!
RevZone has tools to import directly from PDM Works. It brings over the entire history (including older revisions) and all the inter-relationships that exist. It brings all custom properties as well.

Where Used, find out the complete story...

Working out the impact of change in RevZone is one click away! 

Whether used in an assembly in SolidWorks, or in any other assembly (manually created) or in a process, project, record, etc, it is that simple!

Design a report (with equally easy to use tools) and run at any time with one click.

Automatic Revision Control...

Check In / Out is very intuitive in RevZone, giving a perfect revision history for all your documents or records.

You can use web browsers too!

Access documents, projects, BOMs, processes, CRM contacts, and basically everything from your favorite web browser!

Beautiful interface, extremely simple to use!

Get your clients or vendors to participate in your own internal processes, for instance to approve a concept for you or confirm they received a drawing and so much more!

In-House or Cloud based, you choose!

RevZone can be installed on your local network, or accessed via a hosted service. You can do this or we can do it for you. It is up to you!

Connect all your sites, or work from anywhere you like!

RevZone has amazing sync tools, local caches and central database to keep all users pla... working together nicely!

Working from home or engaging a talented contractor from far away is simplicity itself!

Very high security!

We are passionate about security! The future of your engineering company depends on the security of your data. RevZone security is comprehensive, it employs strong encryption, a plethora of internal options & secure audit trail.

Reports and dashboards have never been so easy to look so good!

The tools used to configure reports are incredibly simple and very powerful. 

Create any individual reports for data cards and any consolidated reports with real-time analysis tools embedded within them.

Export in any format for distribution or further analysis. Automatic scheduling of reports makes it straight forward to remain informed!

Integrated with Microsoft Office

RevZone is integrated with Microsoft Office to provide a seamless experience when working in this environment. Use advanced Mail Merge with RevZone configured data in order to automate Microsoft Word.

Get emails directly from Microsoft Outlook and associate to any item in RevZone (document, process, report, project, etc).

Secure Vault - Check In / Out

Reserving the right to work is important to enable concurrent engineering. RevZone makes this process highly intuitive and very easy. Many file management solutions require this operation to be done twice, once at record (item) level and one at file level. RevZone has been an integrated Record & Document management solution from its very first version.

You only check out once in RevZone. This is managed by RevZone through its hierarchical SolidWorks structures and Projects as well.

Configuration Management

RevZone has very advanced configuration management capabilities. Whether you use default "Solidworks" BOM, or custom ones, "Sales", "As Designed", "As Built", RevZone manages them effortlessly.

Run custom flat or tree views, filters on columns, track effectivity dates, perform comparisons between revisions or even different items, use unique serial numbers for traceability and much more.

Add or manage any related files

RevZone can have unlimited related files to each SolidWorks record (inside configurable folder structures). It can automatically produce PDFs, DWGs, DXFs, eDrawings and attach them to records.

Project Management

RevZone has advanced project management capabilities. Timesheets are simple to use and produce real-time actual costs. Assign any assemblies to any project stages in order to get full Where Used capabilities and unique traceability codes at any Project Level. Managers can manage projects at top level and control SolidWorks designs accordingly.

Business Processes

Create any custom workflows in order to build Approval processes, Engineering Change Requests, or Engineering Change Order processes that connect users across multiple departments and multiple sites. Use simple graphical tools to drag and drop stages, assign roles & responsibilities, notifications, access rights and more to each stage. Maintain fully searchable historical trail of decision making process, approvals, document changes, record creations, cases, projects and more.

RevZone allows custom processes to be assigned to any level of its flexible folders / subfolders & projects

Manage all your emails

Select one or many emails in Outlook and you get an option to save directly in RevZone. These are permanently saved in RevZone, with a record, project, contact, etc. They are searchable, movable between custom folders, can have different visibilities and access rights.


  • Secure Vault - Check Out / Check In
  • Configuration Management
  • Any Related Files
  • Project management
  • Process Management
  • RevZone Explorer
  • Work from anywhere
  • High Security
  • Simple and powerful searching
  • Import/Export
  • Reporting, analysis & audit trail
  • Configured for your organization
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Highly configurable classifications
  • More...

In a nutshell...

  • Easy to use Record & Document Management
    Not just another file manager
  • Easy to implement and use
    Days. Not weeks or months
  • Custom processes
    Approval, Change Notices, Transmittals & much more.
  • Multisites
    Work from anywhere, concurrently.
  • High Security
    Keep your data safe.
  • Scalable
    Grows with your company.
  • Connected
    Integrates with other systems; ERP / MRP, CRM, etc.

Like a quote, or a demo?

1) How many users need access?
SolidWorks or other users such as Management, Purchasing or Shop Floor departments who need access.

2) Do you use processes?
Want Approval, Change Notice or other processes with custom workflows to manage your data?

3) Single or multisites?
RevZone can work in a single site or multiple sites across different timezones. It can be setup on-site or hosted by us (or any data centers).

4) Do you use ERP or Financial systems?
For example, SAGE, SAP, Oracle, etc. Do you want integration with RevZone?

Please get in touch and prepare to be amazed!
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