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American Matrix Corporation

AMC specializes in efficient and cost effective thermoplastic composite processing, offering licensed technologies as well as unique molding and fabrication systems. Their product offerings have been enhanced through years of experience in designing processes and tooling for high-temperature PEEK and PPS composites as well as for lower-temperature PA and PP resins. They typically offer continuous carbon and glass fibre reinforcements.

American Matrix Corporation has chosen RevZone Product Data Management system to streamline their design processes and document management.

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Converting Equipment International

Converting Equipment International based in California, USA, manufactures high quality, high speed equipment for various industries including: Label, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Fuel Cell, Solar Cell and Digital markets.They design and manufacture slitter rewinders, label finishing, digital finishing, die cutting, sheeting, and customized equipment for the narrow web industry all individually made per specific customer requirements.

Made in the United States out of quality components and are servo driven. This allows manufacturers more versatility to run various supported and unsupported films, papers, tags, plastics etc. CEI uses RevZone to manage their data.

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Fletcher Burwell-Taylor


Fletcher Burwell-Taylor Ltd is a premium furniture design company.

Amongst traditional and modern design methods of using high quality woods, other materials and finishes, they have combined their art with good mechanical design skills of their partners to achieve some very unique products. One of these products is an automatic radially expanding table. These are some very exclusive designs with intricate mechanisms and small margins for error.

SolidWorks was used as the mechanical design software coupled with RevZone Product Data Management system. This design consists of more than 2,500 components, hundreds of assemblies, in-context designs and heavy use of configurations. Previous design was managed through a 2D system and simple file management. SolidWorks simplified the design drastically whereas RevZone cut down Bill Of Materials creations, searching and document findings, Where Used information, related files management, revision control, batch printing, batch conversions to DWG, eDrawings and PDF formats, and more. This partnership between SolidWorks and RevZone meant that such innovative and exclusive design not only operates as good as it looks but at minimum assembly time and with the amount of re-work reduced to a minimum.

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Fugro-impROV is a company providing provisions of world class Subsea Engineering & Tooling Solutions.

In 2007 the company was acquired by Fugro benefiting from a global reach which has stimulated growth for the company.

Since 2002 Fugro-impROV have designed and manufactured a vast range of equipment for some of the highest profile Deepwater Oil & Gas developments around the world, such as BP Angola Block 31, Chevron Tahiti in the Gulf of Mexico, Impex Ichthys, Total’s Akpo & Usan developments in Nigeria and Moho Nord in the Congo Rep. This equipment ranges from the simplest ROV deployed Hot-Stab to bespoke Flying Lead Deployment Systems to ground breaking tools such as the Insulation Doghouse Running Tool (IDRT) developed to facilitate installation and retrieval of Doghouses on Cameron Horizontal Connectors. First developed on Akpo, success there has led to IDRT’s featuring on TOTAL Usan and also BP Angola Block 31.

Fugro-impROV uses RevZone to manage the company's products, documentation and business processes.

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Hi-Press Hydraulics

Hi-Press Hydraulics provide a national and international service for the supply, hire and maintenance of an extensive range of both high and low pressure hydraulic equipment. Hi-Press also offer a design and manufacture facility for bespoke applications. Operating in some very demanding industries presents many opportunities and above all very little margin for error.

High Press Hydraulics (Cumbria) chose SolidWorks for their mechanical designs and RevZone as their Product Data Management solution. RevZone provides easy access to the exact state of previous revisions and easily maintains all part number entries while automatically building all dependencies. RevZone has been exceptionally easy when it comes to quickly finding and launching parts/assemblies or their related drawings. The more and more RevZone is used at High Press Hydraulics the more benefits are apparent in using this Data Management approach.

RevZone has a great ability to import legacy data straight into a project. This can be from existing custom properties in an assembly, or even scanning an entire windows folder and moving/copying parts/assemblies/drawings to their respective project defined locations and applying values automatically. Making designers job easier and maintaining good and easy control over the data is after all what an Engineering Data Management system should be all about.

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Lancaster University, UK


Lancaster University has a world-class reputation as a centre for excellence in teaching, scholarship and research. Currently ranked as a top 10 United Kingdom university, Lancaster continues to sustain its reputation for teaching and research excellence both nationally and internationally.

Lancaster University has a solid reputation for their mechatronic and mechanical engineering courses. Formula student has been an exciting project for the past few years for many top universities across the world. Lancaster University has used SolidWorks mechanical design software since 2000 and has grown from strength to strength in their use of 3D solid modelling design tools and analysis. Lancaster University designs and builds a stylish and competitive formula student car for which they have won prizes. RevZone is used to manage the formula student project and coordinate the work of engineering students.

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Parker Hannifin Corporation

With annual sales exceeding $13 billion in 2014, Parker Hannifin is the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. The company employs approximately 57,500 people in 50 countries around the world.

The company's products are vital to virtually everything that moves or requires control, including the manufacture and processing of raw materials, durable goods, infrastructure development and all forms of transport. Traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "PH," Parker is strategically diversified, value-driven and well positioned for global growth as the industry consolidator and supplier of choice.

Parker Hannifin utilises RevZone automation solutions since 1997. The software has been used in the United Kingdom and Germany Polyflex division.

Our solution has reduced engineers time from hours to minutes (saving hundreds of hours over the year) with consistent and repeatable results while eliminating manual errors. The software outputs electronic formats which facilitate communication channels with Parker's supply chain. RevZone Solutions can develop custom automation tools for your specific needs.

SECC Oil & Gas


SECC, part of Cygnet Engineering Developments group, is a very innovative company in the Oil & Gas and Hydraulics industries based in Cheshire, UK.

Their technology is focused on joining pipes or hoses of any size, working at any internal pressure, without the need for threaded technology or latches. The technology is very simple in design and this makes it very safe for a wide variety of applications. With the further development of the Hot Make Hot Break Dry coupling SECC have been able to address the growing concerns about environmental issues associated with damage to hoses and pipelines from external axial loadings.

As working pressures and depths for sub-sea applications are ever increasing, the scalability of the SECC technology makes it an increasingly effective and necessary solution.

The Oil and Gas industry is highly regulated where documentation, procedures, material traceability and process control are critical for companies' success. SECC has chosen RevZone Product Data Management to streamline their design processes and document management.

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Ashleigh Engineering

Ashleigh Engineering Services, based in Cumbria, offer specialist engineering solutions. They provide customers with a complete package from design to installation, by using the latest modelling techniques and close links to major manufacturers.

Some of their customers include, United Utilities, National Grid, Siemens, Jersey Telecom, etc. Multiple projects in different disciplines are handled by RevZone as their product data management solution. AES use RevZone's BOM capabilities and automation tools to streamline their design and manufacturing processes.

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Cygnet Engineering Developments

Cygnet Engineering Developments was formed in 2008, as a result of other group companies being unable to find the level of flexible engineering resource that they required. The demands of tightly managing costs, without losing the ability to service large projects and short deliveries, were making it very difficult to have a competitive advantage in the global market place. The flexibility in approach of the Cygnet Engineering Developments team, has allowed our clients to remain lean and efficient, whilst retaining the ability to expand quickly.

CED are involved in a variety of projects and industries utilising state of the art engineering software tools. They have chosen to use RevZone to manage their data, documents and processes.

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Customer Success Story EXPRO operates in all the major hydrocarbon producing areas of the world, employing 5,000 people in 50 countries. With head office in the UK, Expro has regional headquarters in Aberdeen, Cape Town, Dubai, Houston, Kuala Lumpur and Rio. Expro has grown rapidly in recent years to become a market leader in the offshore and subsea arena, with a strengthened presence in gas wells and land markets.

Expro's global product line teams are supported by a network of multi-discipline experts, ensuring consistency of service and underpinning their commitment to deliver service excellence to customers worldwide.

EXPRO Connectors Division uses automation utilities from RevZone Solutions Ltd.

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'Kannegiesser UK' is a World leader in industrial laundry equipment and work movement systems. Their name is associated with quality and innovation in the laundry industry.

This specific project was started in 1999 using SolidWorks 3D modelling software to bring to life the "Revolution" Continuous Towel Processing Machine. The "Revolution" machine consists of over 5,000 components. The complete engineering data related to this project is managed by RevZone.

In December 2002, Kannegiesser UK was given two UK national awards including an "Engineering Excellence" award by Lord Sainsbury based on the design innovation and creative use of technology for the "Revolution" towel machine project. Kannegiesser UK design, manufacture and assemble a range of other innovative machines with SolidWorks and RevZone.

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Kinsley INC


Kinsley, Inc. was founded over five decades ago, the original designer and patentee of the timing screw. Today, Kinsley, Inc. remains a leader in timing screw technology, serving all areas of the packaging industry with innovative solutions for top performance container handling.

Headquartered in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Kinsley offers a complete line of custom container handling equipment. Our diverse product selection includes custom timing screws, timing screw drive units, combiners and dividers, orienters, air rinser systems, capping, custom container handling equipment and specialty timing screw applications.

Kinsley is home to a team of container handling and packaging experts who design and engineer solutions to meet specific customer requirements for maximum production line efficiency. Contact us today for more information. Kinsley has chosen RevZone Product Data Management to streamline their design processes and document management.

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Lines & Jones

Lines & Jones Ltd was established in 1948 and has built its reputation by designing and manufacturing its own products. They design and manufacture cooker hood extraction systems, stainless steel tables, racks, wall shelves, equipment stands, sink units and dishwasher tables. Their latest products are hot cupboard & hot cupboard bain-marie which offer the latest technology & high-energy efficiency. All items are made to measure, the result of either a site survey by one of our own staff or detailed customer requirements confirmed by the production of a CAD working drawing by our own in-house drawing office.

High tech design tools and automation with a difference. Lines & Jones Ltd have implemented SolidWorks to design their products as efficiently as possible. With our help Lines & Jones have automated their system in order to produce customer and manufacture ready drawings with a few clicks of the mouse.

This is achieved by non-CAD (SolidWorks) aware members of their staff hence freeing resources to their Design Office to develop new products.

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Powder Systems


High Containment Process Solutions for handling potent compounds.

PSL is an international manufacturer of filtration, drying and complete containment solutions. They have been supporting pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical, speciality chemical and laboratory industries since 1989. Their worldwide customer base includes industry leaders such as Pfizer, GSK, BMS and Sanofi-Aventis.

As a centre of excellence for engineering, innovation and R&D is key to their business - from simple split valves to complete plant / process design our dedicated teams of mechanical, chemical, and process engineers work together with clients to provide the highest quality nanogram level containment solutions. Total Process Solutions - from front end design studies, through equipment assembly, testing, installation and commission, right to preventative maintenance and after sales service.

PSL has selected RevZone to manage their data, business processes and projects across multiple sites.

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