RevZone at SolidWorks World 2015 Phoenix

RevZone in Phoenix, AZ. February 2015

SolidWorks World 2015. 

Thousands of engineers, managers, SolidWorks employees & Partners in one place.

SolidWorks World, key facts...

  • Annual event by SolidWorks,
  • Thousands of attendees,
  • Hundreds of training sessions,
  • Dozens of Partner products,
  • A place to learn & share for all,

More info from SolidWorks:

RevZone V11 launched

We shared experiences with our clients and got great feedback. Thank you to all who visited us.

We demonstrated our latest version, RevZone V11. This is our most advanced version yet, all wrapped up in a beautiful user interface. More horse-power under the bonnet than ever, even simpler to use than ever! Our philosophy has been to delight users while providing powerful business solutions!

Just "Good" is not good enough anymore, these tools are used daily, they need to go way beyond that, they need to delight users!

Have a look for yourself, to find out how RevZone can save you time, money and give your users a great big smile :-).
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