RevZone for PDMworks SOLIDWORKS users

Migrate SOLIDWORKS PDMWorks data into RevZone

End-to-end engineering management, made simple!

RevZone provides amazing tools to import the entire PDMWorks vault! It provides the perfect environment to move to from PDMWorks!

Very simple wizard


Scan entire PDMWorks Vault. All projects are shown in a hierarchical structure.

Select one, a few or all projects to import. Select the target in RevZone where you want to save everything.

Play with the easy to configure options and finally, press import. 

All data is imported, file versions, metadata and complete history! All relationships between them are preserved!

Using RevZone desktop

RevZone provides a great interface, simple to navigate, find and manage all the information you need. All departments can use RevZone Explorer, not only SOLIDWORKS users.

Amazing integration with SOLIDWORKS

Users will feel very comfortable with RevZone interface, within minutes they will be able to recognize familiar options and how to work with RevZone. It has a beautiful user interface, simple to use and lots of horsepower under the bonnet!

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